Emily Woll, Chief Operating Officer at Osmond Marketing, is the textbook definition of a team player. Emily runs operations, manages finances, and takes care of so much more. Her work ethic and self-discipline are essential to and applauded by everyone on the team.

A Utah native now calling Washington home, Emily is a relationships person. She and CEO Amy Cook were high school friends and, clearly, the friendship has stuck. Emily values time with her friends and family, and her husband and family are some of her greatest inspirations. She inspires in return—her thoughtfulness and attention to detail are not just assets for Osmond Marketing, but part of what makes her an example to everyone lucky enough to know her. She is the go-to problem solver, the “why not” gal, and the tireless goal chaser both at home and with Osmond.

Emily is passionate about healthy and active living—a perfect fit for the constantly changing and fast-paced environment of Osmond Marketing. She studied nutrition at Brigham Young University and continues her research in between practicing yoga, studying Mandarin, and getting plenty of rays doing outdoor activities. Obviously, Emily knows how to make time for everything she wants to do. She’s a careful and meticulous thinker who brings a “go for it!” gusto to everything she does: “We can’t know unless we give it a try.”

For Emily, content marketing is all about having the capacity to resonate more powerfully than with traditional marketing methods. Content marketing, she says, is “carefully tailored to needs and interests, which means it can convey a brand’s personality without being overly promotional.” And Emily’s persistence and kindness certainly know how to tailor content in that way.

She’s funny, she’s smart, and she’s the life force of our team. In many ways, Emily is Osmond Marketing.