Jennifer Durrant, Osmond Marketing’s Director of Publicity, lives for the “aha!” moments. Her work at Osmond Marketing includes overseeing all public relations campaigns and securing media attention for clients. Ultimately, she utilizes connections and strengthens the relationships of everyone involved. With a history in journalism, Jennifer loves mentoring other employees in public relations and her skill set is vital to the growth Osmond Marketing enjoys.

Jennifer—or Jenn—is from Layton, Utah. Before becoming friends with CEO Amy Cook, she was the features editor for Spectrum and the marketing director for The Daily Herald. Jenn then decided to jump on board and work with Osmond Marketing. Since joining, she’s been the go-to public relations expert. “I love the relationship part of public relations,” she says. “Working with clients, strengthening relationships. I have friends in a variety of industries, and those friendships have helped me in a lot of situations.” Her connections are just as varied as she is: an interior-design enthusiast by day and a concert fanatic by night, Jenn has grown into an outgoing personality who finds motivation in just about anything. “I love the aha moments that come from watching TV, reading a book, listening to music, watching a play, or even hanging with friends and family. That moment where something just comes together—I love it.”

Jenn is able to make it all come together within her public relations work using—as she fondly calls it—her PR tool belt. “Professionally, I compare myself to Batman. Like Batman, in PR you have to have a tool belt equipped with everything you might possibly need to assist clients.” And, fortunate enough for the whole Osmond Marketing team and Jenn, Jenn’s tool belt is filled with writing, editing, crisis management, media training, and more. “PR is all about connections and relationships—even friendships,” Jenn says. “By building relationships with people, you are more likely to secure press for your clients. And the goal is to eventually have those relationships reach out to you for insight.” Both in work and in her personal life, Jenn is a five-star social director.

In her spare time, you can find Jenn refreshing her photography skills on her new DSLR. You may even find her pursuing her dreams of owning a bookstore full of children’s books she writes. But at Osmond Marketing, you can always find her “striving to share the right story with the right audience and building solid connections with current and potential customers.”