Sam Wright is a storyteller—and in more ways than one.

Full of deadpan humor and a proud “connoisseur of terrible cinema,” Sam is a content manager with Osmond Marketing. When asked about the importance of his job, Sam said that “everyone has a story to tell but we’re not all storytellers. So our job is to help others tell their stories. Our mission statement at Osmond Marketing is ‘to be the clear, honest, effective voice for our clients.”

sam wright doing story tellingSam thrives at this storytelling not only during work but also in his personal life. After years of doing high school theater and college comedy clubs, Sam is one of the four members of Utah’s improv comedy group Improv Broadway. A graduate of Brigham Young University, Sam has been a regular performer with them since 2015 and is excited about the group’s vision to turn Utah County into a popular center for performing arts. Sam is passionate about the stories told through performance and about creating original but clean content–the kind of stories “that are uplifting and that people enjoy.” Sam is even currently producing his own original musical, which he co-wrote with his brother. It’s an endeavor he hopes to continue throughout his life.

sam wright with stage marketing teamSam’s job with Osmond Marketing, in his own words, is “to get stories told in the right way to the right people.” As a content manager, Sam writes and edits a variety of content for Osmond Marketing clients. Sam is ideal for these various roles of a content marketer, because he is the kind of person who loves to rally behind a work bigger than himself. Though hard-pressed to reveal his strengths, Sam admits he “would rather see something good get done than promote [himself].” And it shows in the great work he does with Osmond Marketing.

Sam Wright is above all a storyteller—and an integral one for the Osmond Marketing team.