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Sara Haslem Davis, Money Inc.

November 30, 2017

It’s been just over a month since wildfires scorched more than one million acres of Northern California’s wine country, destroying almost 9000 homes, killing 43 people, and changing the lives of its residents forever.

But if there’s anything to learn from the tragedy of California’s deadliest fire, it’s the value of facing adversity. You cry. You feel scared. You do what’s needed to protect those you love. And, when the coast is clear, you return and rebuild. “Nearly everyone has a story of loss, or one once removed,” says Los Angeles Times writer Patrick Comiskey. “The devastation is almost incalculable in its long-term impact. But one thing that’s sure is that the residents of Sonoma and Napa counties are ready to rebuild and move on.”

But, that’s the nature of the people who continue to call this area home. This tenacity to face hardships and come back stronger rings true now as it did during the tense moments of evacuation when nearly 100,000 residents were displaced. A local business (one of many in the area) decided to open their doors and offer help to anyone they could reach.

Generations Healthcare believes in sustaining a family-like tradition. It’s a philosophy that extends this nurturing and protective connection to the staff and their patients. And, when the threats of the California fires grew closer, the desire to reach out to others in trouble was a natural response for the Generations’ staff.

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