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Amy Cook, Thrive Global

May 10, 2017

It’s the year of the healthy nurse. That’s right; the American Nurses Association is celebrating National Nurses Week on May 6–12. So, if there is a nurse in your life, now is the perfect time to thank them for all they do to for healthcare — and for us. A nurse’s role is unique in that it encompasses a variety of roles. They are caregivers, teachers, advocates, manager, and great examples of healthy habits.

If you want to adopt better habits, here are five fun ways to be healthy every day.

1.Get a massage

Scheduling a massage on a regular basis can be the prescription you need for maintaining flexibility, relaxing sore muscles, and relieving built-up anxiety. “We bring in a massage therapist for students and staff every few weeks where they can receive a 15-minute neck and upper back massage,” Julie Aiken, CEO of Ameritech College of Healthcare, said. If you don’t have a massage therapy handy, here are five easy ways to give yourself a quick massage.

2. Take a hike.

Getting outside and enjoying some fresh air is one of the fastest methods for relieving stress.

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