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Laura Giles, Daily Herald

March 28, 2018

No Viking should have to go hungry — that is the message students at Pleasant Grove High School are trying to spread. They are also helping their fellow students who may be missing meals by opening a food pantry at the school.

“Going hungry is devastating to a student’s ability to think, focus, to learn, even to compete in sports or to make friends. But, what a lot of us don’t realize is that one in five households in Utah with children are food insecure, meaning that at some point in the year, they have limited access to food and they may be frequently missing meals,” said Adam Norton, a student in a YouTube video, announcing the project.

Several months ago, Adam visited Community Action Services and Food Bank with some other students and learned the statistics about hunger in Utah.

“After we left, we decided on the drive home that we had a responsibility to our community to bring a pantry to our school,” Adam said.

Adam said he had seen signs of hunger at the school. One good friend would come to school each day with no lunch money.

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