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Braley Dodson

Jan 14, 2020

The rainbow of fruits and vegetables underneath a tin foil cover initially received mixed reactions. The strawberries were good, the students unanimously agreed. But others, like the bell peppers, would need to first be put to the test.

Monday was the first time many students at Manila Elementary School in Pleasant Grove had sunk their teeth into different plant-based foods.

“The main takeaway is the more foods that are close to a plant, the better,” said Elcio Zanatta, who owns Aubergine Kitchen with his wife, Mirian.

The Zanattas have traveled to a handful of Utah County schools over the last few months to teach students about plant-based foods, introduce them to fruits and vegetables and explain the importance of eating healthy, non-processed foods.

Third and fifth graders sat in Manila Elementary School’s cafeteria as they filled out diagrams showing different parts of a plant, drank a smoothie and then learned about the benefits of specific fruits and vegetables. The students tasted foods like cucumbers, tomatoes and sweet potatoes in order to give their review.

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