Like Batman’s outfits, marketing changes with the times. These changes reflect what is valuable to consumers and, thankfully, build on mistakes to improve with each adjustment. (Say what you will about the Zebra Batman—we think that outfit was a faux pas.)

Unfortunately, skilled nursing facility marketing is a little behind the times. That’s why we’re pleased to announce a webinar about how healthcare marketers can improve their online presence and execute super strategies in today’s ever-changing online world.

The webinar will take place on Thursday, September 14, from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM PDT. Participants will get to learn from three speakers: Judah Gutwein, CEO of Sky Care Media; Amy Osmond Cook, executive director and CEO of the Association of Skilled Nursing Providers and Osmond Media; and Denise Graab, director of industry marketing at Caring.com.

We’re excited to learn from these three experts, especially our own Amy Cook, who is a pro at all things healthcare, marketing, and healthcare marketing!

Want to learn how to avoid the “Zebra Batmans” (Batmen?) of healthcare marketing? Click here to register for the seminar that will teach you how to not only avoid marketing mistakes, but to make winning marketing decisions at every turn.