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PRWeb, Virtual-Strategy Magazine

March 13, 2019

Fluentworlds, provider of the world’s most sophisticated and flexible 3D virtual platform for language immersion, announced that Timothy Doner has joined the company as vice president of strategy and business development.

Doner is a recent Harvard graduate who has been described in the media as “the world’s youngest hyperpolyglot” – someone who speaks dozens of foreign languages. An avid student of the Middle East, he is proficient in both Arabic and Persian and has studied languages as far afield as Swahili, Russian, Mandarin and French.

At the age of 16, Doner became an instant celebrity when a video of him speaking 20 languages accumulated millions of hits. He has since achieved similar success with a viral TEDx Talk (3.4 million views) and a feature in the THNKR PRODIGIES series (8.5 million views).

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