Understanding SNF Challenges During COVID and Beyond

residents fall every year.


of healthcare workers experience issues with systems and technology when they are caring for patients.


of healthcare workers say that those systems were not up to handling the pandemic, according to a recent survey.

As a healthcare provider, you know that technology can make or break the SNF experience—for you and your patients. This has become even clearer during the pandemic, as we have utilized technology more to acquire new patients and residents.

The results include the answers to the questions

Tell us how technology solutions are working (or not working) in your organization:

  • How are you using technology to acquire patients?
  • What lead sources are working best?
  • What problems in your organization concern you?
  • Are your current solutions working?
  • What prevents your organization from finding new solutions?

We believe that when technology, people, and process come together, any problem is solvable. Let’s learn what solution gaps we can eliminate, making SNFs better during COVID and beyond.

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